Donald Trump took advantage of the Russian vaccine.

Donald trump is dead


At the moment, it became known from anonymous sources that President Donald trump used the Russian Sputnik v vaccine. according to our data ,on 3.10.2020, Donald Trump from Russia was delivered the Sputnik v vaccine on a direct flight from Moscow. Less than one hour after the plane landed in the United States, this vaccine was used for Donald trump. At the moment, the President’s condition is on the mend thanks to the vaccine.
The question arises: why did our President use a vaccine from Russia? Why ordinary citizens should die without vaccines. As far as we know, Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly offered the Sputnik v vaccine for the United States, but Donald trump refused and said that America is a great country ,with great people ,that we ourselves are able to survive without your help. But as soon as Trump became ill, he immediately asked for help for himself . Why doesn’t our President care about ordinary people? After all, the vaccine in Russia has already been sold on various trading platforms. If we don’t have a vaccine yet ,why don’t we buy it in Russia, for citizens?! In Russia, any citizen can buy a vaccine, and in the near future, all vaccinations will be provided free of charge.
The question arises , why did Donald trump ask for help from the Russians? And what links it to Russia.

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