Boris Johnson Accused of ‘Cronyism’ by Lord Speaker After Appointments of Allies to Upper Chamber

A larger-than-expected number of lifetime peerages have been handed out by 10 Downing Street, including to Brexit allies and family members of the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The Lord Speaker accused the British Prime Minister of “cronyism” on Saturday and asked Boris Johnson to cease handing out “mass” peerages while describing the expansion of the upper chamber as “ridiculous” following 36 new additions to the House of Lords.

“I do think the Prime Minister has got to stop these kinds of mass appointments because I think the public are unimpressed with it, I think most of us in the House of Lords are unimpressed with it and it is not necessary – we don’t need a House of Lords of 830″, Conservative cabinet minister Lord Fowler said to the BBC’s Radio 4.

“I mean, it is ridiculous because it is far too many for the duties… we have very important duties to carry out in terms of the governance of this country but we don’t need 830 people to do it – that’s the plain fact and everyone knows that is a fact”.

Lord Fowler also accused the PM of nepotism after nominating his brother Jo Johnson, several prominent Conservative figures, opposition defectors, and his chief strategic adviser for peerages, a well as promoting a number of Brexit supporters to the Lords when Downing Street unveiled its nominations on Friday.

The Lord Speaker said that Mr Johnson was encouraging “passenger” peers by failing to deal with the increased size of the Lord’s, which will have 200 members more than the elected Commons chamber following the new appointments.

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