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About 30 People Detained During Anti-Government Protests in Nepal’s Kathmandu – Reports

MOSCOW (Sputnik) – Nepalese police resorted to force to disperse an anti-government demonstration in the capital of Kathmandu, having detained 29 activists, Nepal’s media reported on Saturday.

The rally was organized by the “Enough is Enough” youth campaign, which is opposing what they call a weak governmental response to the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as corruption, The Kathmandu Post newspaper reported.

The protests in Nepal erupted on 9 June and culminated in a massive hunger strike, which lasted for 12 days before the opposition movement signed an agreement with the government on 7 July.

The 12-point agreement envisaged among others a wider use of polymerase chain reaction tests, a mandatory five-day quarantine for everybody arriving from foreign countries and transparency of COVID-19 spending.

The new wave of protests and an indefinite hunger strike have been underway since 18 July, as the “Enough is Enough” activists believe that the government failed to fulfill its obligations under the reached agreement.

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