Netizens Share Laughs Over Cristiano Ronaldo’s New Hairstyle

Many have experimented with their hairstyle during the COVID-19 quarantine, despite that it rarely turns into something bearable without the assistance of a professional stylist. Cristiano Ronaldo did an experiment as well, leaving it to netizens to judge whether he did well.

Cristiano Ronaldo shared a new look on social media, revealing a fresh and rather extravagant hairstyle, with curled hair put up. He posted a picture with Columbian footballer Juan Quadrado, who shared a similar hairstyle, with a caption: “What do you think about my look like my brother Panita?!” 

Netizens, however, remain divided over Ronaldo’s new hair fashion, with some praising whatever look Cristiano delivers, and some greeting changes in the footballer’s appearance with scepticism.