Netizens Ridicule WaPo ‘Fact Check’ After Claiming Trump Is Wrong on Violence in Dem-Run Cities

On 25 June, The Washington Post published an article ‘disproving’ remarks by US President Donald Trump, that the most dangerous and violent cities are run by Democrats, instead providing data appearing to prove the president’s assertion.

The Washington Post received a wave of mockery for a “worst fact-check ever” after an article claimed that US President Donald Trump was wrong when saying that most violence takes place in cities run by Democrats.

People, however, were quick to notice that the data provided in the article failed to support its point, showing that Trump was not wrong when saying “most dangerous cities in America are all run by Democrats”, as both charts revealed only one Republican leader per 20 cities. Among those slamming the incorrect fact-check was Donald Trump Jr, who said in his Instagram account that “anything they can manipulate to push their narrative, they will”. 

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Fake news gonna fake. Thanks @realgse for pointing this out. Just remember, when you watch the news this is the kind of crap they try to pull. Anything they can manipulate to push their narrative they will and they’ll sell it like it’s the gospel. Don’t be fooled any more.

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 Twitter users criticized the WaPo’s approach to fact-checking, urging not to only judge by the headline, but also check the contents, which may be contradictory. They went on to name the article “the worst fact check ever”.