‘For Future Humans, Space Must Be Home’, Says Former MP And Asgardia’s Chair Of Parliament

The “space nation” of Asgardia was founded in 2016 by Russian scientist, philanthropist and billionaire Igor Ashurbeyli. Asgardia “seeks to ensure the peaceful use of outer space, protect Earth from extra-terrestrial threats, and create a generally accessible scientific knowledge base in space.”

Asgardia’s Chair of Parliament, Lembit Öpik, says if mankind stays on Earth it will eventually become extinct.

Mr Öpik, a former Liberal Democrat MP in the British Parliament, said: “Sooner or later, something will wipe us out. As a species, we will never achieve our potential if we never live beyond our atmosphere. For future humans, space must be home.”

​He said: “We either travel, protect and survive, or stay here on Earth, and wait for Armageddon. For those humans who choose life, it’s a good idea to choose Asgardia.”

Asgardia is based on the vision of its founder, Baku-born Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, who was awarded Russia’s State Science and Technology Prize for developing a “new generation of micro-technology communications systems.”

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