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In Russia, they began to sell a vaccine from Coronavirusa

As it became known from our sources, in Russia they began to sell the drug from the coronavirus COVID-19. According to our data, this drug prevents the disease COVID_19. It is sold only on the domestic market of Russia, and are not planned for export in the coming months. According to our data, this drug restarts the immune system inside the patient, by the same token, a person’s immunity increases many times. It is reported that even if a person after this drug becomes infected with COVID-19, then he lighter and easier to tolerate Coronovirus Covid-19.

Our special correspondent was still able to buy this drug and try it on himself and
that’s what he told us. “Good afternoon, everyone. Still, I managed to buy this drug, as it is called in Russia by Vector, it is sold only to Russians and not
having Russian citizenship is very difficult, but like around the world, everything can be bought via the Internet. I purchased this drug for bitcoin, since
otherwise it is not possible to buy it in Russia not for citizens of the Russian Federation; it costs around 215 USD, which is not at all expensive.

The bag contains 5 sachets, one sachet per day and so on for five days in a row. It tastes bitter, but vitamin C is felt. All Russians start drinking it and no matter how strange it seemed in Russia, the smallest number of patients and especially those who died from COVID 19. When Russia begins to export this drug to export is not known, but it can be purchased via the Internet, but the minimum purchase was 10 packs of the drug, for 10 people

At the moment I have already drunk 3 sachets out of 5, and I can tell you that taking the drug for the body remains painless, I don’t feel anything other than lifting my physical form. The only thing known is that Paracetamol is included in the drug and anyone who is allergic to it will not be able to buy it. No side effects have been identified. I’m going to keep you taste of how the drug is taken. ” Your Dylan White. ”

Order here – Bitcoin: 3FhU1SQrT4JqbHDpcZDgDM1rP9H3p3Jew6
in the comment for payment write the address of delivery to you, the price at the moment is 215 USD one vaccine

The minimum order quantity is 10 vaccines, the maximum one-handedly 50 vaccines


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